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    Decided to try waxing so I am in the grow out process. Have had a couple dedicated followers ask for pics… Since I won’t post much past this stage here ya go! Have a good weekend!!

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By the river - nice ass


    By the river - nice ass

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And now….let’s play…..


    And now….let’s play…..

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Lord V-
Pour Master a drink


    Lord V-

    Pour Master a drink

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    Fresh Pin marks on her pussy lips

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We are a happily married couple in our early 40's. We enjoy life to the fullest as well as enjoying one another. This blog has been created for us to see what other couples are doing to 'spice' things up in their sex lives and to get some ideas for ourselves.

That being said, this is not a blog for kids, if you are under 18 keep moving along. Actually, if you check our age and our reason for being here you may decide we are not for you to begin with.

The intention is for us to "entice" one another, for us to become more creative in our sex lives, to express our wants, desires, and likes to one another, and to re-ignite the spark that we once had.

This is not just another reblog site. You will find our blog has links to separate pages based on what the page contains. Enticing Couple is our home.

EnticingSHE is the female side of the blog
EnticingHE the male side of the blog.
EnticingOthers is our page of other people that post their own material. We actually "work" on this page to verify that the people we follow are truly posting their own material. If this is YOU let us know and we will follow you back.
EnticingSubmissions are photos that have been sent to us.
EnticingStories are stories of things we have done or interesting reading that we have found on other pages.

We are open to suggestions from our followers. Just know that we are more into the loving, romantic, and erotic side of sex; not the "Can you put a bottle in both your asses and cum in her face while she pisses on your feet" kind of crap.

Don't like what we post? Feel free to ignore us and move along, it is a great big world wide web.

If you are looking for details about who we are you will not find it here - and don't bother asking. We choose to leave our identities out of this for a reason, please respect that. We started this blog to inspire not only communication between us; but to get the outside world involved in our craziness so please comment, question, submit, and follow. We do follow back like minded people.

If you do not have an "about" section on your blog we will most likely not follow you. If you make insane requests we will block you, if you make erotic request we may fulfill them for you.


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